How It Works

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The Process


Step 01

Sign up

Fill out the required details on the signup page! Once you submit, you should get a verification email. If you don’t receive this email, contact us at contact@bigandmini.org.


Step 02


Click the verification link in your email and log onto Big & Mini. Next, fill out the profile details so we can find you a match with similar interests, availability, and goals!


Step 03


Check your email for training details. You’ll need to read through and fill out the attached document and quiz to complete the training. When you’re done, we’ll review your application!


Step 04

Get matched

Congratulations! You’ve qualified to get a match! In the upcoming weeks, we’ll send you an email with the details of your match (don’t worry, we never share any information besides your name and interests).


Step 05


If you can make your match, log onto your dashboard and click confirm! If not, send your match a chat asking to reschedule. Be sure to hit the nudge button!


Step 06


When the time of your match arrives, log in to your dashboard and click the meeting link to be redirected to the video call platform. Finally, you’ll get to meet your match!

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Yes! We don't charge for anything. Big & Mini is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and we’re really just trying to help make the world a little bit better, one match at a time. We are run by volunteers and rely on donations from individuals, corporations, and ourselves to sustain our platform.
It's up to you! We believe you know best if you are a Big or a Mini. While Bigs tend to be older and Minis tend to be younger, you are free to choose whichever group suits you.
We’re sorry to hear that! If you have a complaint, please contact us immediately at contact@bigandmini.org
Our video calling software of choice is Jitsi, a free, open-source multiplatform communication platform. As security is of utmost importance to us, we tried to find the most secure software available that meets our needs. Because Jitsi peer-to-peer (P2P) is encrypted using DTLS-SRTP all the way from the sender to the receiver, even if they traverse network components like TURN servers, your information, video, and call will remain protected.
Send us an email at contact@bigandmini.org and we’ll try to get in touch with them through email and phone. As soon as we hear back, we’ll send you an update.
All the information you enter into the sign up form is stored in an encrypted database that only Big & Mini has access to. Additionally, the only information disclosed to your Big/Mini is your first or last name, interests, and time availability. You can rest assured that your information is stored safely and securely. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy.
Use our integrated chat system to send your Big/Mini a message. If there's still no reponse, send us an email at contact@bigandmini.org and we’ll try to get in touch with them through email and phone. As soon as we hear back, we’ll send you an update.
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It's time to meet your match

Call us crazy, but we believe that connecting with people is what life is all about.