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And we’re big people-people. As members of the newest generation of creators, we’ve grown up in a world where seeing a friend is as simple as pressing a button on a phone. Being constantly connected to others is all we’ve ever known and we couldn’t be happier— making it all the more disappointing that an entire generation of older individuals with the best stories on Earth are left out of the communication loop. At Big & Mini, we asked why this was the case. It wasn’t the lack of technology; nearly all seniors we talked to had some form of mobile device. Nor was it the learning curve associated with technology; many of them were better at using Facebook than we were! It was simply a communication blip— somehow, in the age of social networking and video calls, nobody thought to connect the Bigs of society with the Minis. So we set out to resolve this, and soon Big & Mini was born. What you see here today is our best effort at using technology to shrink the generational divide into a small crack. We hope that through shared stories, new memories, and new friendships, we can connect everyone, one big and mini match at a time.

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Ultimately, we’d love to see a world where the idea of senior and youth isolation is no longer existent. Our world has 7.53 billion people in it. Nobody should ever have to be alone, especially when they’ve got a wealth of stories to share and a lifetime of experiences to recount.

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We’re a group of volunteers with roots in Austin and community around the globe. In pursuit of our mission to make the world a better place we designed this platform to reduce senior and youth isolation while providing mentorship and mutual friendship. While Big & Mini was born in response to the increased loneliness and separation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our goal of developing connections across generations and creating a more convinient way to volunteer is everlasting.

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